xiaomi drone price

xiaomi drone price version 4K 4800 us dollors, 1080p version 4000 us dollors. xiaomi drone  1080P version will start on May 26 on xiaomi smart home crowdfunding , to collect opinions of xiaomi , at the end of june begin of the 4k beta version.

xiaomi drone price

xiaomi drone can automatically rotate ; specifications, UAV modular design , with folding landing gear , detachable head , the battery can be put in a backpack , built-in 5100mAh battery life of up to 27 minutes of flight. good hardware.

It has a key takeoff, landing , automatic return, automatic hover feature, when a user UAV flew out of sight , the UAV can be called back to the original place . Also includes route planning , flight around the point , real-time power monitoring , low battery reminder.

This publication will be a total of about two and a half hours , the peak period has more than 560000 people live on xiaomi while watching live App,