sql server 2016 new features

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database and finally release date on 6/1,
sql server 2016 new features Integrated with R language-based massive data analysis services.

sql server 2016 new features

sql server 2016 new features Deploy complex analysis or machine learning models,
Built-in library of data analysis , business intelligence operations , sources of information extracted.
Provided with Oracle solutions compared , SQL Server 2016 only price of less than 1/10 .Recommended software.

Try the full functionality of microsoft SQL Server 2016,One is to establish
a testing environment in Azure SQL VM in , or download the free developer version .

Today the world’s fastest and most cost-effective hybrid trading and analysis processes (HTAP) database .
Memory optimization in vivo functions of all the work load , the enterprise to the cloud preset seamless transfer.