google play family sharing apps

after July 2 ,google play family sharing apps, purchase google play can apply home media library that allows users to share up to six family members.

google play family sharing apps

google play family sharing apps,In the default case, all after July 2 to purchase paid apps are suitable for home media library , Google also encourages developers to allow users to share in the new agreement before the commencement of the program purchased with their families. good mobile app.

Even google play family plan about library still has some limitations , according to Android Police reports , when the user purchases the movie , the same movie can only stream to a single device .

Apple iCloud also provides family sharing capabilities, support for up to six family members , allowing the family to share music, movies and mobile app purchase .

Apple App Store as early as in 2014, the family had a similar Family Sharing function , but at the end of 2015 Google launched music streaming service Play Music also has a family account functions.