google home

Google in this week’s Google I / O conference published a hit directly with Amazon Echo ‘s voice Google Home

digital assistant , which built speaker , microphone and Google assistant, can be used to play music , everyday

tasks managing users, it may also be required to answer a variety of issues.

google home

Mario Queiroz , vice president of product management for Google , said Google Home can identify distant voice

commands , whether it is standing near it , or sitting in the living room , can interact . good hardware.


Google to design a suitable placed in the home throughout appearance , allowing users with different materials and

colors customized its base above means there are four different colors of LED lights will shine in operation .


In the demo video , the user can ask to Google Home Today’s weather , or want it to open children ‘s room lamp ,

but also ask what time it will be sent to the bag , or should it turn on the TV to watch the specified movie .