google ara phone release

Google Project google ara phone finally unveiled at Google I / O developer conference on the 20th , the Android smartphone operating system on top of this fitted with replaceable hardware accessories , is expected to be release in 2017 .

google ara phone release

google ara phone screen size is 5.3 inches , based on a fixed host and up to six parts consisting of rectangular modules , users will be able to reboot without removing and installing these modules Accessories , and then enjoy only occasionally updated accessories, no need for mobile phone mid highly customized experience. good hardware.

These module slots through UniPro network interconnection , transmission speeds up to each 11.9Gpbs, but extremely low power consumption, power consumption is only one-tenth of USB3.0 .

Ara developer version of Android operating system is expected on sale this fall .

Users can install the camera , speaker, small display , battery modules, and can choose the location and the number of installations.