Bing Concierge Bot

Media hiring notices from Microsoft Microsoft is found to create a similar service  Bing Concierge Bot.
This can be a helper for the users to accomplish various tasks , like humans assistant general. Natural language user to communicate with the assistant

Bing Concierge Bot

Bing Concierge Bot can be a session with the user’s internet communication, such as Skype, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram and the like. good software.


Bing Assistant For example, when a user requested the assistant to help set the location of the restaurant , the assistant asks a few people need to set the location , you can be on behalf of the parties after the completion of the exchange of user-selected set of restaurants.


Google Assistant also has the same function , it is based on Google search , and assembled a machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for two-way dialogue with.