aws lightsail vps

aws lightsail vps

IF you have sikll can build your own website,
Amazon provide aws Lightsail vps web hosting
new chose,One month about us $5 dollors case.

aws lightsail vps

aws Lightsail vps virtual host say just
through the three steps will be able to build
wordpress blog success. but also need the
follow-up technology to setup,best websites.

The first program is us five dollors, 512 MB
memory, twenty GB SSD diskspace. And us Ten dollars
per month program has one GB memory, thirty GB
diskspace, You can compare the price of GODADDY
virtual host or LINODE virtual host company.

In practice, create an AWS account and input the
caller ID, Then select the os host with the application
wordpress, And you can choose us five dollars program
first free VPS trial for a month. Final your can see your
wordpress blogsite.

A new cloud project Virtual private servers recommand.

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